The Solo-Lite is without doubt the most simple and innovative piece of textile cutting room equipment produced so far. We are convinced that this exciting machine will benefit our customers  throughout the world simply through offering increased and better value for money.

We offer an improved specification and new features which make this machine a clear winner.

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This is how you will benefit!

Tremendous wage saving
Simple to use, no training
Heavy duty cutting head
Accurate length measurement
Easy to install
Easily affordable
A must for small operations
Easy threading of fabric
Quick for piecing up
Photo cell edge guidance and ‘Lazy Loop’ for knitted fabric
Pattern matching for curtains
Panel cutting
Ply counter

The Phillips Solo-Lite complete with built in Lazy Loop with Edge Alignment

Simple and quick loading
Easy spreading
Simple controls
Ply depth 25cm
Lockable fabric bridge
Fully guarded knife
High quality engineering
Full CE conformity
Reduces repetitive strain

Let off device and cutting unit  

solo2.JPG (10266 bytes)

Fabric Puller

solo3.JPG (8922 bytes)

Easy to pull unit
Machine double tracked
Fully guarded
Ergonomically placed controls
Remote controls
Remote control isolator
Square cut ends
Minimum fabric wastage
Great reliability coupled with quick payback!
Specification for both units
Power 230 Volt 8 Amp 50 Hz or 110 Volt 8 Amp 60 Hz
Air 100 P.S.I @ 4 C.F.M
Maximum fabric width 3 metres.

Phillips "SOLO-LITE" one operator cutting unit

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